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The ‘Horrible’ Love Life of Britney Spears

Britney Spears is an American singer born in Mississippi, in 1981. She became world famous with her many hits, the first two being  ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’ and ‘Hit me, Baby, One More Time’. Even though she is still young and a very successful woman, she seems to have been, according to her words, in horrible relationships’. Let’s see why she said this.

Britney and Justin Timberlake (together from 1999 to 2002)

Britney and Justin met in 1990 when they had one mutual project called Mickey Mouse Club. They were both only 9 years old then and were enjoying each others company singing and dancing together. For many years they were just friends and then in 1999, a sparkle appeared when they realized they loved each other. Anyone who saw them together thought they were a perfect match, but somehow things went in the wrong direction. Britney cheated on Justin with her choreographer and he couldn’t forgive her. That is how this relationship was terminated. Look at this video from their childhood and see how cute they actually were. One could almost cry over their breakup.

Britney and Fred Durst (2003)

Those two were making some songs together when Durst realized he fell in love with Britney. He once said: ”Spears happens to be a person that I wouldn’t think that could make me feel this way.” Even so, Britney has denied this relationship and even declared that she barely knew Durst. He was claiming that she was lying and vice versus. Be that as it may, they both have continued with their separate paths and not so long afterward Britney was in a new relationship. In 2009, when asked to tell something about Britney’s latest life problems (in 2007 she had a nervous breakdown), he stated: “Her own decisions and different things in her life, people can judge her all they want, but she has an extreme presence and when she’s giving it, it’s really good. I don’t think you can really write her off and I just think it’d be silly for people to think that they could. Everything kind of works in cycles and I think she’s an example of how those things work.”

Britney and Jason Alexander (2004)

Jason Alexander is Britney’s childhood friend whom she called one day to go with her on New Years Eve 2014  on a trip to Las Vegas. He agreed and this is where the story begins. They went there, had too much drink (we hope nothing more than drinks) and suddenly they were married. Within 55 hours Britney filed for the divorce, but Jason didn’t want this divorce. He said that he felt something for her, but sadly this feeling was not both sided.

Britney and Kevin Federline (together from 2004 to 2007)


Britney with her sons

This is Britney’s first real marriage. They have two children together. Federline said he loved her but couldn’t breathe from all the public attention they were getting daily.It was overwhelming,’‘said Federline. Before their story actually began, Federline was romantically involved with Shar Jackson who was expecting his second child. He broke up with Shar just to propose Britney three months later. Because their wedding was getting enormous public attention, they decided to marry before it was planned. They have filmed everything and later on released it as a reality show called Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. They got their first son just a year after they got married and another one the year after that. Their second child had only 2 months when Britney filed for the divorce due to the irreconcilable differences (this term is very popular among the celebrities when it comes to the reason for their break-ups). Then follow many nasty things in Britney’s life – she lost her custody over the children, then was arrested when she refused to return the kids to Federline and had a nervous breakdown…

Britney and David Lucado (from 2013 to 2014)

Those two broke up because of the alleged infidelity on the male side. There was some video proving this, but Lucado denied it. Be that as it may, Britney’s one more relationship was short-lived even though both claimed to have been in love.

Will Britney ever find her soul mate or has she already found one, but remained blind for it? Here is an interesting article on the subject…

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