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Here Are the Very Telling Signs that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Are on the Road to Become BFFs

If there’s a feud that can break the internet other than the rumored Meghan Markle-Kate Middleton war, it’s the Taylor Swift-Katy Pery drama. Unlike with the Duchesses that were actually unsubstantiated sans for some anonymous sources’ claims, the one with the artists was quite juicy and somehow discreetly confirmed.

As such, gossip-mongers feed on it, whichever news they can get their hands into, but these naysayers’ time is up as the singers’ recent actions spoke that the fight was a just a thing of the past.

Rundown of What Happened

For those living under a rock, the feud between Taylor and Katy became too hot to ignore – they both used it as an inspiration (if you can call it that) for their songs and even tactlessly addressed their issues in interviews. Both are celebrated in the music industry and have carved their names with their talents, but why the hate toward each other?

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry used to be so close

Taylor and Katy seemed to be rubbing elbows and taking photos together until the 2014 interview of the former with Rolling Stone, wherein she mentioned of a feud with another pop star whom she didn’t mention.

However, she revealed that it was the reason behind her very telling hit “Bad Blood.” The fight allegedly stemmed from the hot and cold (pun intended) treatment of the other party and what’s worse was that the country singer-turned-pop star accused that person as someone who tried to get the people already working for her.

The next day, Katy went on to throw some lashing words, referring to a Regina George, which fans of “Mean Girls” would know all too well, in a sheep’s clothing. Although she didn’t name-drop, she eventually did reveal that it was Taylor in the next months. The rest was history – what’s true is that they never shied away from airing their beef online for the whole world to see.

Olive Branch

The ‘Roar’ singer sent an olive wreath to Taylor Swift last year

Do you know the meaning of an olive branch? It was said that it symbolizes peace.

The tumultuous, rocky, and intense exchanges were finally put to bed last year when Taylor shared that someone sent her an actual olive wreath and a note that addressed the receiver as “Old Friend.” It was obviously from Katy and the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer was happy about the gesture.

Burying the Hatchet

Most recently, the two seemed to have low-key cemented their friendship as observed by their fans on social media. The first subtle move came from Katy when she liked a photo Taylor uploaded on Twitter, showing her and her cat Benjamin Button. The fandom went wild because that was a baby step toward a stronger bond.

Taylor Swift added Katy Perry’s song on her playlist

Then, seemingly as a response to the kindness, Taylor discreetly added Katy’s song “Never Really Over” on her Apple Music playlist, which, again, set the hearts of the fans ablaze. Shall we wait for a collab or a song that talks about mending fences?

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