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Maya Rudolph May Not Be a Hollywood A-Lister, But This Is How She Still Became a Multi-Millionaire!

Whenever we think of Hollywood celebrities, actress Maya Rudolph’s name does not come up all that often, mostly because she is not as frequently discussed on tabloids or other celebrity news platforms as many others in the entertainment industry.

But this does not mean that Rudolph is any less successful. In fact, the actress has delivered some very phenomenal and unforgettable performances over the course of her career, and these have obviously helped her amass a fortune.

Maya Rudolph grew phenomenally famous after her role in Bridesmaids

Whether it is her iconic role in the epic film Bridesmaids or her performance as Ava in the film Up All Night, Rudolph will certainly go down in history as one of the funniest people to become a part of the American film industry. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit all that Rudolph has achieved so far in her around two-decade-long career.

A Comic

Apparently, Rudolph’s mother has been a singer while her father has produced music in the past, so it can be said that ever since her birth, she has been exposed to the entertainment industry at every step of her early development.

But she did not turn to comedy until she was around 7 years of age as, according to her, her mother lost her battle to breast cancer at that time and Rudolph then started using comedy as a way to cope with the loss.

Her Saturday Night Live time has garnered much praise from the public for delivering very hilarious content

After that life-changing experience, comedy stuck with Rudolph and she went on to ultimately carve a career in it for herself. However, it was not until she was around 37 years of age that Rudolph finally got to work on the hit TV show Saturday Night Live, which is a dream job for any budding comedian who dreams of making it big in the industry.

Stepping Into Acting

Having successfully spent a few years with SNL, Rudolph exited the show sometime in the year 2007. She then landed a small role in Kath and Kim, another TV show, and subsequently went on to work in many other small TV roles. But then came her big break with two films, one being Grown-Ups, and the other one being Bridesmaids, and that is where Rudolph was immediately catapulted to Hollywood stardom.

Bridesmaids turned out to be an exceptionally successful film for Rudolph, even though she reportedly worried whether the film would be liked by the audiences.  The film garnered around an impressive $288 million from gross earnings throughout the world, which is very impressive for a relatively low-budget film of its kind.

Maya’s performance in Bridesmaids continues to entertain the masses on streaming services

Many important roles came her way after this, and Rudolph found herself becoming richer and richer with each one of them. She has already reportedly accumulated an impressive $10 million in total worth, which has come from her time working for SNL and also from subsequent film roles. Although this may not seem like a very big amount especially if compared to Hollywood A-list celebrities, it is still way more than most of us dream of having in the bank.

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