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How Emotionally Strong Are You? See The Traits Of People Who Are

Having Emotional Strength Can Carry You Through The Journey Called Life

Not all people are built the same. We are all born with different levels of intelligence and capacities to learn, but our emotional foundation from birth are somewhat the same. The way we are brought up and the significant people present during our formative years have an impact on how we would turn out to be as we grow older. Our experiences shape our character and how we respond to events in our life teach us how to get by.

The emotional strength of people is rooted in all these aspects, and not mainly governed by our intelligent quotient. Our emotional intelligence can be harnessed to the fullest, and it all depends on how well we can cope with situations and the habits we develop.

Traits are formed from the habits we embrace, and it is up to us as rational beings to decide how we would react to circumstances that we face on a daily basis. Knowledge is acquired, but traits are developed over time. Being emotionally strong is our ticket to living a fulfilling life, free from scars and baggage. Learn what traits you need to develop to achieve this.

Calm and collected

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Emotionally strong individuals are never at war with anyone, even with themselves. They do not believe in using power nor dominance, and instead, they deal with situations with an adequate amount of focus and control. Even in the face of adversity, they try to maintain their ground while having a great deal of composure.

Not averse to pain

They are not afraid of feeling pain. While there are certain people, who are after self-preservation by escaping to substance abuse or hiding behind other things that would make them forget or set aside their problems, emotionally strong people would much rather go through the turmoil because they believe that it’s part of the healing process. They do not suppress nor deny their emotions because they are confident that they have everything under control.

Never afraid to fail

They are not scared if things don’t go as planned. The same thing happens in situations where they are proven wrong – they do not mind if they make mistakes and do not care much about what other people might say.

Focusing on the “how to” and not on the “what”

Whenever challenges come their way, they do not spend so much time on the challenges themselves, and instead, focus on how to overcome them. Even frustrations happen, they move past them quickly and redirect their efforts towards doing what they have set out to do.

Desire respect and not attention

They don’t seek out approval of people because they are sure of themselves and know what they stand for. Emotionally strong people make informed decisions and take action with conviction, and would want nothing from others but respect.

No rationalizing


They do not insist upon people what they want or believe in, and they are ready to acknowledge defeat. Emotionally strong individuals don’t rationalize. Although they might disagree with certain decisions or opinions, they accord others the same respect that they would want others to have for them. They choose their battles well and know when to withdraw if they are on the losing end.

Accepting of people

Similarly, emotionally strong people accept others for what they are and do their best not to impose their own opinions and beliefs. They do not put people down or dismiss ideas as worthless because they believe that each human being is unique and is entitled to his perceptions.

Accepting of self

Emotionally strong people take responsibility for their lives and do not blame anyone, even themselves. They consider each experience as a ‘take-away’ from where they can pick up a lesson. They also know that to get out of a bad situation, they need to examine carefully where they’ve gone wrong and how they can make changes to rectify the situation without complaining.

Taking criticisms and failures positively

Any criticism that comes their way is treated with objectivity and positivity. They are always open to feedback and do not cower whenever they fail at something. They know when to give up and accept defeat, but do not let such failure prevent them from pursuing what they want or have to do.

Expressive of what they need

They are not hesitant to let other people know what they need. Asking for something from someone to help fulfill a need comes naturally to them. They do not deny themselves of this action, and in the same vein, they do not judge people who are always in need of and seeking assistance from others.

It is not easy to develop these traits that would make you a genuinely emotionally strong person, but it’s not impossible either to embrace them. It takes maturity, discipline, and a deeper understanding of human nature to have that strength in character that almost all people aspire to have.


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