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Here Are Some of The Most Expensive Weight Loss Diets That Only Celebs Can Afford–Find Out The Reason Behind Their High Price Range

Weight loss diets remain one of the most popular health and wellness products because of the number of people constantly looking for the best way to shift the extra pounds. Celebrities are no different than regular women in this regard. Their only edge is that they have enough resources to afford the best of the best weight loss programs. Here are some of them.

The Vegan Diet

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Experts estimate that following it can set a person back $3,500 a year

Veganism is one of the most popular ways of eating among members of the health and wellness community today including celebrities like ‘Black Swan’ actress Natalie Portman.

While most people switch to this meat-free lifestyle for ethical reasons, there are also those who choose to go vegan to lose some inches. The vegan diet is technically simple eliminating all animal products from one’s daily diet. However, the costs of some vegan foods can easily add up.

The South Beach Diet

The year was 2003 and everybody was going crazy over a popular diet promoted by celebrity doctor Arthur Agatston. Initially called the Modified Carbohydrate Diet, the South Beach Diet seeks to increase carbohydrate consumption while simultaneously decreasing protein and fat proportions.

Some of its most famous followers are ‘Big Little Lies’ actress Nicole Kidman and the Clintons. The diet reportedly costs $4,400 a year to keep making meals in the plan just a bit more expensive than one’s regular daily fare. In comparison, the everyday American reportedly just spends $2,641 annually on food.


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Musician Janet Jackson is one of the many celebrities who have used Nutrisystem

Way before Dr. Agatston introduced the world to his diet in his bestselling book there was Nutrisystem. Founded in the early 1970s, Nutrisystem offers dieters over 160 kinds of meals to help them with their weight loss. Depending on the specific meal plan chosen, one will receive a curated assortment of meals from breakfast to snacks. All in all, a person might spend somewhere around $2,641 a year for the diet.

Metabolic Balance

Another expensive diet is Metabolic Balance, a program that seeks to balance metabolism and stabilize the body’s insulin levels. Depending on the chosen plan, the diet can cost somewhere around $899. And that doesn’t include the actual food yet. So, in addition to this fee, people can expect to splurge an additional $100 per week to follow it. All in all, the four-phase program costs $5,700 a year.

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet specifically prescribes people to eat 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat

The Zone Diet combines polyphenols from plants with Omega-3 fish oil and a healthy diet for weight loss. This concept is applied in the way the diet portions carbs, fats, and protein in the dieter’s meal plates. It’s estimated that the diet will cost around $100 for food in a week. This doesn’t include the Omega-3 fish oil pills that dieters should also take.

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