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Holiday Gift Guide: Best Wines to Celebrate With in 2017

There’s no doubt that the first and last season of the year is one of our most anticipated ones. This is where the big lineups of Holiday Seasons came in. With the celebration of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s eve, we get to bond more time with our family more than ever. And our celebration certainly wouldn’t be complete without drinking that sweet, intoxicating scent of wine. But with so many wine varieties out there, how do we know which is the best wine to choose? Those wines made not only with the best quality but also in line with our drinking preference?

For those who are still finding their last minute holiday gift guide, here are our recommended wines to drink this 2016. You can drink these wines as we welcome the year 2017 with vigor and hope too!

1. Lighter-Style Reds

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When we talk about red wine, the first thing that comes to our mind is its dark and richer color. But not with Lighter-Style Reds. This red wine has a balance and elegant extract of scarlet hue, mild, but not too strong for our tastes. Not only that but this wine is filled with the unique aromatic scent of grapes that is rich with flavor in every gulp. Think South African Cinsault, new-wave Gamay from Beaujolais and lighter-style Grenache from South Australia.

2. Chasselas

Unfamiliar with Swiss wines? Well, we can’t fault you there. After all, we all know that Swiss wines are hard to find. Not only because most of them lack the quality of taste, but most Swiss drink wines for themselves, leaving little to none wines to export. But don’t let this belief ruins your desire to taste worthy Swiss wines.

Because this Chasselas wine beats them all! Chasselas is worth tracking down because of its balanced blend of grape sweetness. In fact, Victoria James expresses her one-of-a-kind experience while drinking the wine below:

“The grape offers such a crystal-clear and pristine minerality, almost like fresh spring water. Sometimes I think I’ll look down in my glass and catch fish swimming about!”

3. Grower’s Champagne

There’s no doubt that France’s champagne dominated the world of the winery when it comes to red wines. But what makes this champagne unique is the finest process it has undergone to create a high-quality, rich wine to drink. The champagnes made from Growers came directly from their own vineyards. The grapes were homemade and handpicked with only the highest quality to make the wines. In fact, Aldo Sohm preferred this wine’s specialty than any other wines out there.


“I love how complex and layered they are. I won’t turn down any good white Burgundy! On Red’s I’m looking for Syrah’s from the Northern Rhone and Blaufränkisch from Austria, as they’re heavily underrated.”

4. Mascota Vineyards Unánime

This wine showcases the best of Argentina with its dark, delicious, and rich blend of fruit flavors. This wine is mostly made with the natural balance and taste of blackberry, licorice, and black pepper. Everyone drinking this wine enjoyed its aromatic and intoxicating Argentinan scent. Here’s a reputable review from none other than James Suckling Mendoza himself:

“This is real wine for the money that shows so much depth of fruit and silky tannins. Full body yet refined and beautiful. Superb length. A wine that you want to try…again and again. A blend off of 60% cabernet sauvignon, 25% malbec, and 15% cabernet franc.”

Whether your favorite wine made it to our top four Holiday gift guide or not, keep in mind to drink moderately. Drinking alcoholic wines is fine especially during special occasions like this. But drinking until you’ve passed out is certainly not a great idea. In fact, it does the opposite. It ruins whatever special moment you have with your family.

Furthermore, chronic drinking can lead to alcoholism or addiction. And we wouldn’t want that to happen, right? So before you start committing these mistakes and wreck havoc your life, control your drinking habits now. A healthy reminder to everyone this Holiday Season!

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