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Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith Offered Us A Juicy Glimpse Of Their Married Life, And It’s Not As Rosy As We Thought!

When we look at the lives of our favorite celebrities, which is usually through the lens of a camera, the first thought which strikes most of us is that they are living a life of perfection. Just think about it, if you have millions of dollars in the bank, a big house, the car of your dreams, good health, and a family, what else can you possibly want?

But apparently, that is only a façade, at least according to what Jada Pinkett Smith has shown to us with her recent Facebook Watch series episode.

Jada and Will Smith have been married since the year 1997

Pinkett appeared with her husband Will Smith on an episode of the series she has on the Facebook Watch platform called Red Table Talk, and both of them became very candid while talking about their relationship. The episode, which was divided up into two parts, revealed some new insights into their married life, particularly with respect to the problems the two of them have faced while living together as a couple.

Why Are They Opening Up?

Usually, when celebrities start discussing their relationship problems with the media, they have already broken up or are in the process of separating from one another. Most of the time, we don’t even get to know about any such issues till after the two have already decided to part ways.

But in the case of the Smiths, that is not the motivation. Both Jada and Will are very much together and have not said anything which could indicate that they would be parting ways anytime soon.

Jada has her own show on Facebook Watch called Red Table Talk

So then, why did they open up? Well, according to an interview which Jada gave on the extremely popular show called The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, there were two major reasons which prompted the pair to talk openly about their differences.

Compelling Reasons

The first reason, according to Jada, was the fact that people had assumed both Jada and Will were living a perfect marriage, something which was far from the truth and so they wanted to clear that misperception not only to become more comfortable in front of the public eye without having to pretend like they were the happiest pair in the world but also to destroy the strongly-held perception that celebrity couples have great relationships.

Another major reason was to help others realize and work upon the differences they are experiencing in their married life. According to Jada, since Will had appeared with her and taken responsibility for his own relationship pitfalls as well, many people had found their honest dialogue very eye-opening about their own marital problems.

In fact, Jada said she had even received calls with men saying that Will’s statements had encouraged them to start paying attention to what they were doing wrong in their marriage.

The Smiths are one of the most popular families in the US, as both Jaden and Willow Smith have also entered the entertainment industry with their crafts

In the same interview, Jada also talked about the magical way Will had brought a smile back to her face, and generally made life easier for her. Their problems stemmed from Will’s perception of what an ideal family should look like, and he wanted his family to adhere to that perception.

Thankfully, he has now realized that this was an unnatural expectation, and now he has come to terms with projecting the image of his family as they are, not as he wants them to be in an ideal scenario.

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