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Make Learning Difficult Things Fun With These Easy Steps

If there’s one thing that is consistent in life, it is learning. If you thought that learning only takes place in schools and that it stops upon graduation, you are WRONG. Learning is a continuous process. Even after graduation, learning continues. The more you learn new things, the more you realize that there is still plenty that you still don’t know. As a matter of fact, learning stops at death.  

It is important to seek knowledge continually and apply it in daily life. To some people, learning is a complicated process. But hey, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop learning. You just need to get creative and tweak it so that learning becomes exciting and fun.

Here are our some tips to improve your learning the easy and fun way using the ADEPT method.



The first step in learning effectively is using an analogy. In this method, you associate the new concept with the things you already know. For example, how can you explain the function of neurons (or brain cell) in our body? It can be quite challenging if you don’t have a biological background or if you’ve already forgotten what you learned in Biology class. 

Now let’s compare it with the analogy method.  Neurons are like transportation systems. They carry neurotransmitters (we will refer to them as information) from one neuron to another, similar to how transportation systems transport people from one city to another. Now that’s certainly understandable, isn’t it?

Think with both sides of your brain by way of a Diagram

If you still can’t grasp the idea or concept using the analogy technique, use the diagram technique. The diagram technique helps you to visualize the abstract idea you’re trying to decrypt. An example for that is if you wanted to visualize a magical kingdom for your story. This one is hard to achieve using an analogy.  However, it is possible with the use of a diagram. If you are an artist, try to draw it. If you are not, you can find vast pictures for reference on visual sites such as Pinterest.  

Experience the idea by using an Example

This tip is self-explanatory. But in case you still want us to elaborate, we will. Notice the examples we used in the previous tips? Yes. That’s it. We used examples to explain the analogy and the diagram techniques better. The use of examples makes it easier for you to grasp a topic since it takes you within your comfort zone. If not, you can ask someone else to explain the concept to you. They will use a similar situation or circumstance to explain it to you in a relatable way.

Describe the concept in Plain Language


 Sometimes you fail to understand something not because you cannot, but because you cannot decode the language it is written in. In this case, it’s important to relate it to your native language. A perfect example for this is a translation.

Often, you may fail to understand the meaning behind words in, let’s say, English language, perhaps because we don’t know it. However, if you try to relate it in your own mother tongue, you’ll be able to understand it. Moreover, the Internet comes in handy in providing meanings. 

Convert your comprehension of the concept into a Technical description

Now that you’re able to grasp the idea or concept, it’s time for you to adapt the last process of the ADEPT method, the technical description. You can now comprehend the meaning of your idea, put some technological and deductive details to support your idea, and sharpen it to become a solid logic. A great example for this is the Pythagoras’ Theorem. It evolved from a theory and is now widely used to solve various mathematical problems. Likewise, you should also use your idea to assist in resolving problems and apply it in your daily life.

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