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A Sneak Peek into the World’s Most Luxurious Hotel Suites

The luxurious hotel could be hierarchical in terms of their characteristics but what does it mean to be the most luxurious one? The lavish amenities, unparalleled pampering, uttermost protection and security, extra mile services, extravagant perks and PRICES and RATES soaring to great amounts that correspond to the hotel’s exquisite features.

Anyone would ever dream to experience the delicacies offered by living in the care of the best hotels in the world. Losing yourself in the entertainment of a top-class penthouse fit for the most eligible and crazily rich nobles might as well be the most overwhelming experience you’ll ever get in your whole lifetime.

The Mark Hotel

Standing with its fine supremacy, incomparable interiors and marvelous architectural character of the class, the Grand Penthouse at The Mark is the current most expensive and luxurious hotel suite in the world with the average rate of $75,000 to $100,000 a night with its ultimate offer of paradise on earth. It is considered the biggest penthouse hotel in the USA with its 12,000 square feet area.

the mark hotel

Topped the list of being the elite among the most elite luxurious hotel in the world, The Mark Hotel has been applauded by many important celebrities with its beauty and grandeur.

Offer of Grandeur

The life of royalties to be experienced during a stay at Grand Penthouse at Mark Hotel is worth the expense you pay claiming the title of a Billionaire traveler’s suit and the most extravagant suite to date. With a 7-meter high ceiling, 2-floor spread space, 5-bedroom suite, six majestic bathrooms and a 24-seating dining room, you’d be left in awe. The astounding environment it offers equivalent to that of a full-size ballroom or a grand hall is more than enough for you to compensate.

Quite pricey maybe but it is one which will get you to experience a real luxury and fine magnificence of a hotel suite. Renowned Jacques Grange had his hands touch up the interiors of the suite. Custom-made furniture gained spaces in the suite’s library lounge, 2-wet bars, and conservatory.


A rooftop with direct view to appreciate the breath-taking developments of the Central Park and Metropolitan Museum of Art and the city’s skyline adorned with the scenery of boosting city lights at night is accessible through a private elevator. Room services dining menu is available 24-hours from the Marks Restaurant operated by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten exclusively.

Adding fuel to the fire, it is best to know they had made available suit-tailoring of Bergdorf Goodman around the clock and an in-suite hair styling salon services from Frédéric Fekkai. Crowning the top 2 floors of a landmark building since 1927 is associated with the title ‘Castle in the Sky’, with the phrase not really an exaggerated label but merely the truth it perceives. Biggest celebrities being guests of the suite did not have the short of praise pertaining to the retreat of the Grand Penthouse labeling it as a perfect star rating.

Royal Honors

The Mark Hotel received an excellent rating from Vogue Editor Hamish Bowles with a simple statement saying it all, “It’s just so glamorous,” made public in Wall Street Journal from 2012 and eventually awarded being one of the  Best Hotels of (2015) U.S. News & World Report. Pioneering the hotels in New York City, Gold List (2015) Conde Nast Traveler was also received in 2015. An ambiguous description of the offers of the hotel,

“At any given moment, weeknight or weekday, the people, clothes, and jewelry at The Mark hotel are as beautiful as the furnishings. Not many spaces in the city, any city, are better designed than The Mark” given by Daily News USA. In 2014,

Star Ward Winners from Forbes Travel Guide and Best Hotels in the Country from Thrillist was awarded to The Mark Hotel. Pertaining to its interiors are the praises of “All 161 Art Deco-inspired bathrooms here earn their (marble) stripes with his-and-hers vanities,

Bang & Olufsen phones, and in-mirror televisions–compete with waterproof remotes” by Travel and Leisure release and “Genius, Luxury, Location, Taste, Eye-Catching Parties, Art Pieces Coming at You From Every Corner are terms that best describe The Mark” by Marie Claire Turkey copy release

Talking about spending a night at the grandest Grand Penthouse of The Marks Hotel is an escapade of pampering and pleasure for worldly paradise truly existing in the upper Eastside of New York.

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