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Are You Highly Sensitive? Here’s How To Find Out

Do you know someone who is highly emotional? Do you consider yourself to be a sensitive person? Sensitive people are often considered as weak and not so productive as others are. The real truth about the sensitive people is that they have a hypersensitive brain and thus experience and feel intensely and differently.

They simply use their emotional intelligence differently. Therefore, they recognize and understand emotions differently. Generally, sensitive people are deep thinkers and are special in a way. They usually transform pain and darkness into something more valuable and positive.

Here are some of their common characteristics.

Analyzing everything


Sometimes, it can be really hard to live with a highly sensitive person – he/she is usually overthinking everything. If they simply see a rock on the floor they ask dozens of questions about it (maybe not pronounce all those questions, but silently ask themselves) – Why is it right there? Who brought it there? Why does it have that precise color? Why is it in that precise position? Is this a sign for me to…? Dozens of unnecessary questions before they actually take the rock and throw it away.

Precisely because of all the aspects they take into the consideration, they are exceptionally hard on themselves. They never take a break and always crave for more information. Afterward, their emotions suffer because of their overthinking brains.

Everything has to have a meaning

Sensitive people always find meaning in everything they see and feel. For them, there are hidden meanings in all the lessons in life and to find them is their motivation to live. They seek answers to most questions faced in life, and this can be very tiresome.

They are too serious

Often, they listen very closely and hear things they want to hear. Sometimes, there is no need to tell them the actual truth since they have their own understandings and interpretations. On the other hand, they love to listen closely and effortlessly. As such, if you try to explain them the real situation, they will listen to you carefully.


There is no pink, just black and white

You’ve probably heard that the world is not black and white but gray. There are some pink situations also – when you are happy as a child, for no obvious reason, experiencing some small entertainment and having fun. Sensitive people don’t have those. Their emotions are always going only in one direction – they don’t know how to half feel or half love. They love (or hate) with their whole hearts – they either love you completely or don’t love you. When they offer you their love to you, they expect your love in return. If you don’t reciprocate, they will stop loving you. It is as simple as that in their sensitive world.

They are idealists

Sensitive people tend to idealize things. They have a very emotional and serious view of the world. Taking life easy is not an option for them, and they are very discreet and resolute in their struggles. They expect to see utopias everywhere around them, so they are often depressed when fail to find them.

They are lonely


Most sensitive people feel like they don’t belong to this world. They are connected to life, but cannot relate to the environment and the people around themselves. This is why a sensitive person is synonymous with a lonely person.

They cannot live without love

A sensitive person is often fragile because his/her heart and soul are weak. They believe in true love and are not satisfied until they find it (if they find it). When they don’t get the affection they want, they simply let go and stop loving you. Sometimes, they shut themselves off from the world and take some time to heal. One-sided crushes are their most common love scenarios since they fail to make the first move being too scared of being hurt.

They are religious

Spirituality is their common characteristic, and they often have a special relationship with God and the universe. They often fight battles without knowing how to win them, so they believe that the cosmic justice will be on their side.

Insomnia is constant

Sensitive people go to bed early, but this doesn’t help them. They are unable to sleep as their thoughts and fears often haunt them at night, questioning everything they saw and heard during the day. It can be really tormenting, but still, they manage to live with it.

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