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Why is ‘Embracing the New’ So Hard?

As far as tales tell, everything new and unknown to man’s senses has created doubt and denial of recognition. Changes begin where the familiarity ends. It is indeed only a fact that people resist change and do-overs: new environment, new workplace, new people to work with, and new everything. Most find it difficult but all along changes were made to be constant.

“The hardest part is not letting go but, rather, the starting over.” Perceiving the “new” as difficult and impossible to go through, you may just have forgotten to ask why. Asking ‘why’ gets us to the root of the problem.” — Nicole Sobon

Let’s explore and discover why people have such a hard time with something as constant as change.

 Too Much Attachment

Whatever it is, whether it be a person, a thing, or a lifestyle, people get attached. Despite the love and comfort that the familiar provides, letting go is very important. If we cling to what we know then we may close ourselves to a new way of living and new things to enjoy. We just have to say yes and take that first step and open a door towards new opportunities.

 Stuck in Your Comfort Zone


Humans by nature seek satisfaction but once they get it there is no progress. Refusing to explore what is beyond the horizon, is like becoming a body of stagnant water that will never be a great river. The comfort zone is a common reason to resist change as one gets satisfied by their current status. If a subject of attachment goes absent one will notice a change. This change may generate negative feelings and even trigger depression.

But push through these dark thoughts and you could come to a new world of possibilities. Leaving the comfort zone means that you can become something greater, something new. How can you be this new thing if you are always doing the same thing?

 Low Self Esteem

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Confidence is a major factor to go sail the wide seas with the big waves, right? Honing yourself into someone that should be humble enough not to brag, but confident enough not to feel small is the key. You need this balance to achieve the self-belief required to not fear change. New things won’t be as scary as you think it is if you know how to hold your head up and eyes straight in front.

Believing in yourself may just be the elixir to save you from fearing the unknown that change brings. Not being able to know things beyond your sight will not deter you if you have a good self-esteem.

You are the only person to decide if you can take the challenge of accepting new things in your life. No matter who or what will be there for you, it is only you that can break free from the bondage of a monotonous life.

After the learning, the ‘why’ is the ‘how?’  

 Take a Step Forward!

As simple as that, just keep walking. After all, we were given feet to walk, not just to stand. By pushing through and constantly moving forward, can we truly have given change a chance. The change would have taken place in our lives, it would not have inflicted pain but to taught us lessons, even hard ones. This isn’t just about your failed attempt at your usual New Year’s resolution but change is a successful all-year-round practice.


Twenty-one days is said to be the minimum number of days for a person to gets attached to something or break a habit. So set a challenge and try 21 days of trying something new. You may learn something new and wonderful about yourself.

If the world is spinning, people and especially you should go with it. When the world is learning, you should too. Try by all means to be better and to beat the current version of you. It will be more like the rules of survival; the wisest who embrace change are the ones most likely to survive the wild we call life.

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