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Small Yet Fail-Proof Ways to be Romantic on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 in different countries. It is a festival of romantic love and many people send out cards, letters, flowers,chocolates,or other presents to their spouse or partner. They may also arrange a romantic candlelit dinner in a restaurant or a luxurious accommodation in a hotel. But what should you do if you’re running out of creative and unique ideas to celebrate it, or perhaps you’re actually thinking of some budget-friendly yet still special ways to surprise him or her?

Well, celebrating the so-called “special day for couples” does not need to be expensive. Though this universal phenomenon has become totally overrated and over-commercialized over the years, it’s always the best time to let someone know he or she is loved, cherished, and appreciated. The following random gestures may be little by nature but you’d be surprised as to how they can move mountains and do wonders in your relationship.

Know The Power of Endearing and Encouraging Words.

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This can be music to his/her ears and can make the heart jump for joy. You could try leaving a little note in his/her briefcase or laptop bag so he/she will find it when they get to work.You may also opt to read the letter or poem you write to him/her before you start your romantic meal together. Leaving a sweet note on the bathroom mirror or on the toilet seat so he/she will see it first thing in the morning can do the trick. Remember always compliment your partner even for no reason at all.


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Do Something You’ve Never Done Before.

Either you watch a theater play, a concert, or a sports game, ride a hot balloon together, sail on a pedal boat, try outdoor adventures, go on a picnic, do stargazing with a bottle of champagne, catch the sunrise or the sunset, or just go on a road trip even without having any plans. Any of these could surely be so much fun and a great way to rekindle your love to each other.

Surprises, No Matter How Big or Small, Will Never Fail You.

Buy that special something he/she has been coveting for a long time, send flowers or cookies for no reason at all, or simply stock the fridge with his/her favorite beverage, beer, or wine, and the cupboards with his/her favorite snacks. Another simple thing that could surprise your better half is when you do chores or errands without being asked or finish another “chore” your partner usually tackles.

Flowers and Chocolates are Appreciated Any Day, But Never More So Than on Valentine’s Day.

Red roses, chocolates, and even stuffed toys may seem traditional and more expensive especially during this season. So being extra creative with your bouquet or presents can do the job. In other words, skip the dozen of red roses and go for something different like some purple calla lilies, tulips, or stargazers. You can also put in your chocolates within the bouquet or even stuff it with other treats.

You can also hand him/her a plant with a message: “Here is one more thing for you to care for.”

Pamper Yourself Together.

Treat him/her to a luxurious spa where you can avail of the spa’s signature packages that include massages, body scrubs, sauna, steam bath, and even buffet. Booking a couple’s massage is even more romantic and intimate.

Never Underestimate The Things You Can Do In Bed.


Scatter rose petals on the bed, light your favorite scented candle or turn your humidifier on with your favorite aromatic scent, and wear your posh and fab lingerie or most comfy sleepwear. This will surprise him/her and get each other ready for a good sleep or something really intimate. A breakfast in bed may seem overused but still works to many couples out there, especially if you haven’t tried it all your mornings together.

You may also opt to stay in bed all day, snuggle all day long on the couch while watching TV or having some movie marathon and eating your favorite snacks, or you can think of other activities like reading a book together, pillow fights, play board games, etc.

All these simple things should work well. Be creative and have a blissful one. Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

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