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Top 4 Death-defying Destinations You Should Visit in 2017

There’s no doubt that most of us want to travel and go to different destinations. We are social wanderers by nature. Therefore, we would like to visit as many places as possible. We cherish memories of visiting exotic places, boreal forests, and tropical paradises with a one-of-a-kind experience. But to some of us, that may not be the case. Some people who are adventurous enough want to visit places that can activate their adrenaline.

Experience our top 5 death-defying travel destinations that will turn your life upside down and upbeat your heart like never before.

The Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan

Despite our differing religious views, most of us believe in the existence of hell. It’s a torturous place surrounded by burning flames. And it turns out that this description of a hellhole actually exists! In the Karakum desert near the ear the 350-person village of Derweze in Turkmenistan, there exist a crater that’s been burning for years.

Matyas Rehak/Shutterstock

The existence of the fiery crater started in 1971. A Soviet drilling rig accidentally punched a massive underground natural gas cavern. This accident caused the ground to collapse together with the drilling rig. Because of the risks of massive potential gas leaks, the scientist had to light up the crater to prevent an environmental catastrophe. The thing is, the lighting of the crater was supposed to be temporary. However, the scientists were amazed to see that it’s still burning up to this day. Maybe this is indeed the manifestation of the “Gates of Hell.”

Hawaii’s Pool of Death

You may have known Hawaii Kipu Falls as a hidden swimming place with alluring beauty, but who would’ve thought that this hidden place conceals a deadly secret as well? It turns out that Hawaii Kipu Falls along the stream of Huleia is a bloody tourist spot. The unpredictable waves of the fall’s hole make it dangerous for visitors to predict whether it’s the best time to swim or not. Still, people go ahead to swim there. Watch the death-defying video below:

Skellig Michael in Ireland

This stunning yet deadly mountain became immensely popular after it was filmed for the epic movie Star Wars. And ever since, extreme sports enthusiasts and tourists have wanted to experience this death-defying place. It turns out not only is it a deadly place, but it’s also challenging to live there. First off, this place was known as a famous monastic settlement.


Most monks chose to live here because of its inaccessibility and steep terrain, which makes it difficult for ordinary people to settle down here. To get to the mountain, you need to go on an hour-long boat ride and traverse the perilous open ocean.

If you happen to traverse successfully, landing off the ocean is also a challenge because of high waves and choppy water. The mountain itself has falling rocks and debris. Not to mention there are no safety features as you wind your way up on the 600 ancient steps across the mountain. And when you get there? No food or water, visitor centers, toilets, or shelter awaits for you.

Praia De Boa Viagem in Brazil

This beach is known for its white-sand, breathtaking sunsets, perfect weather, and warm, clear, ocean waters. Sounds like a perfect beach getaway for you and your family, right? Think again! This beach might offer you the grandest water experience if it weren’t for the threat of shark attacks.

Yes. This beach is also a popular shark destination. What’s worse is that the sharks in this beach love to dwell in shallow, coastal waters, making them end up sharing the beach with swimmers and tourists. An increase of shark attacks was recorded here for the last ten years, and most of them are unfortunate enough to end in fatality. The case of shark attacks here may be smaller than in Australia, but most people who are attacked end up dying. This is unlike in Australia, where you have chances escaping shark attacks since the sharks there tend to dwell in the ocean depths.

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