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Will Traveling With Friends Turn South Quick? It Won’t If You Follow These Tips Before & During Your Vacay

In theory, traveling seems like the perfect way to take time off the frenetic pace of regular life while bonding with old friends in a new environment. Sure, there are times when one’s expectations are met but there will also be those trips when things don’t go smoothly.

A person may find themselves at odds with their travel companion as they face uncertainties and challenges in a foreign place. In some cases, a trip may end up damaging people’s friendship. Luckily, this scenario can be avoided when one keeps these tips from Verily‘s Fay Schaeffer in mind when planning for a vacation.

Getting Used to Each Other

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Consider going on a two-day weekend trip somewhere more local prior to taking a longer vacation with a friend

Although friends may hang out often, this doesn’t mean that they’re automatically fit to travel together. So, before taking that two-week backpacking trip, why not do a trial run and take a much shorter vacation first. Doing so would test the water and let people see whether they’re temperaments and habits are compatible with their chosen travel buddy.

In Small Groups

While being with a big group of friends can be fun on Friday nights out, the same may not be true when it comes to traveling. In fact, it would be more ideal to go on vacation only with a small group of friends or, even better, just one. Doing so would allow one more opportunity to interact with other tourists or locals and get to immerse in a place more. This can include something as simple as a conversation with a waiter or a fellow sunbather at the beach.

Talking About Priorities

Inform your travel buddy if you have a hard list of to-do activities for the trip to see how you can work on making a schedule

Before heading to one’s destination, it’s also important to discuss things with the other person. Clarify which things or sights each wants to do or skip. Find out each other’s expectations when it comes to money spent when it comes to the kind of experience in exchange.

Talking Things Out

Another important tip to remember while on the road is to talk things out when disagreements come up. This may be a hard thing to do, especially for people who are particularly non-confrontational, but it’s necessary so one can move forward on their days traveling together. What more, not having an awkward dynamic with one’s companion will allow them to fully immerse in the place they’re visiting.

Have Some Alone Time

Spend some time to yourselves by going to a cafe to read or write

Just because one is traveling with a friend doesn’t mean that they have to be tied to the hip at all times. Be sure to take time to spend alone and apart from each other. This can be a one-day solo exploration of a city or doing an activity alone.


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