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You Won’t Believe How Much These Old Toys Are Worth

Remember your first Game Boy? And what about your Furby? There were so many incredible toys and games that hit the market over the last few decades. But did you happen to keep any of them is the real question? Because nowadays, some of those childhood playthings go for some serious dough. Just check out these 7 we found; then head to your attic and start searching frantically!

Lego Sets – $12,000


Legos have been a hugely popular toy for decades now, inspiring both fun and creativity. Even parents enjoy building with Legos! And with the “The Lego Movie” release it seems that the brand is gaining, even more, steam. Of course, basic Lego sets are fairly priced, but then there are those that have become insanely expensive. There is one discontinued pirate set which sells for $10,000; then there is a Star Wars Millennium Falcon set which would cost you a whopping $12,000! Definitely not child’s play.

Nintendo NES – $1,300

Video games nowadays seem like a commonplace; everybody has an Xbox, PlayStation, or a bevy of game apps on their phone. But there was a time when video games were still new, and a home gaming console was a wonder indeed! The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, was the first video game console many owned or used. It was actually released in Japan as The Family Computer, which is a laugh. But that’s how important games were and how magical this device was for the entire family. Want one of these original gaming systems today? Get ready to pay $1,300 online.

Furby – $600

Furbies were a huge hit in the ’90s. They were adorable, wide-eyed, furry, and kids could not resist them. Plus, the little critters had their own language and spoke with their owners. And as children interacted more and more with their Furby, the Furby was supposed to learn more English and thus be able to better communicate with their owner. Kids grew very attached to their cuddly pet. Nowadays there is a whole new line of Furbies and apps to boot, all at reasonable prices. But if you want to go purchase an original of these critters, then expect to pay up to $600 on eBay.

Cabbage Patch Kid – $2,500

Cabbage Patch Kid dolls reached almost a cult status back in the 1980s. Pretty much every child was insisting on having on. They are still popular today, though you do not hear about them quite as much. The real craze is actually with collectors who rave nostalgic for their own Cabbage Patch Kid that they so loved back during their childhood. And how much is that nostalgia worth? Well, for some originals sought by serious collectors,  can run as high as $2,500 on eBay! That’s a pricey memory.

Tamagotchi – $300

The Tamagotchi virtual pet was a technology wonder in the ’90s. It was your very own pet that fit in the palm of your hand! Kids could feed it, love it, talk to it, pet it, play with it, and carry it around. For families who had allergies or not enough space for a real pet, this became a perfect way to allow a child to learn how to take care of something and be responsible. And, of course, love and be loved! It is no surprise that buyers have paid over $300 on eBay to get their hands on one of these mini-virtual buddies.

Moon Shoes – $200

Everybody loves trampolines and bouncing around, and not just kids. These shoes allowed you to essentially take the trampoline with you anywhere. Someone invented this plastic contraption back in the 1950s, and the resulting Moon Shoe (‘cuz you really felt like you were walking in zero gravity) became a hit through the 1990s. Of course, if you want to take a ride in these groovy platforms anytime soon, you may find your credit card being charged to the tune of $200 plus. Now compare that to the cost of a stationary trampoline in the backyard or a trip to the Moon!

Mario Kart 64 – $2,500

And then there was Mario. Quite possibly one of Nintendo’s most famous games ever, Mario Kart is still a favorite today for both kids and adults. First released in 1992 as Super Mario Kart, this go-cart racing game got players hooked fast. A brand new Mario Kart 64 cartridge is not so much of a bank-breaker, but a mint condition original of the game is an entirely different story. eBay has one listed for $2,500! Now that is one wild ride.


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