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You’ll Be Amazed to See The Incredible & Surprising Features These Celebrities Have Inside Their Homes

While the rich and famous may have plenty of things in common with regular folks, it’s no secret that some aspects of their lives are simply out of this world. Take their homes for example. With million-dollar paychecks, celebrities can afford to go as extravagant as they want when designing their abodes. Proof of this is the many extremely expensive and sometimes bizarre features that they’ve added to their digs.

Nicole Kidman’s Car Elevator

A look at the car elevator in Kidman’s New York City apartment building

Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman may not have been the one to install this impressive feature in their luxury apartment building but it’s still worth mentioning. Together with her musician husband Keith Urban, the ‘Big Little Lies’ star bought a $10 million Chelsea apartment which comes with access to a notable feature: a car elevator. And it does exactly what its name implies and is used to bring the celebrity couple’s cars right off the streets up to their apartment above.

KimYe’s Viral Bathroom Sink

The Kardashians may get a bad rap in the media but there’s no denying that the members of the celebrity clan know how to live in style and luxury. There’s Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West’s massive minimalist mansion, which reportedly cost the couple a whopping $20 million.

The 15,667 square feet residence is known for its monastery-like decor and, recently, its set of basinless bathroom sinks that went viral. The feature caught the attention of netizens after being puzzled by how it works when they saw it in a Vogue video.

Paris Hilton’s Dog Mansion

Hilton’s Spanish style dog mansion has two floors and even has a balcony

Like her former BFF, heiress Paris Hilton isn’t one to shy away from the extravagant. Showing her love for her dogs, the 38-year-old reality star splurged a reported $325,000 to build her beloved pets their own mansion home right in the backyard of her actual mansion in Los Angeles.

Oprah’s Mining Cave Wine Room & Tea House

As one of the wealthiest and most successful people in the entertainment industry, it comes as no surprise that media mogul Oprah Winfrey has built a fortune that’s allowed her to collect the best homes money can buy. Her impressive real estate portfolio includes a Colorado ski chalet, which has a wine room built to resemble a mining cave, and her main home in Montecito, which has its own tea house.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Giant Bed

O’Neal’s 30-foot-wide bed in his Orlando, Florida mansion

It’s not only movie stars and television personalities that earn the big bucks. Star athletes like former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal also enjoy massive paychecks thanks to their talents. Considered to be one of the best players to ever enter the hardcourt, the 7’1” baller has built a reported $400 million fortune that’s allowed him to afford to sleep in a 30-foot-wide bed that’ll definitely accommodate his tall frame.

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