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4 Ways to Start the New Year with a Blast!

The long wait is over! After the celebration of the successive Holiday season, the New Year is finally here! Most of us anticipated the New Year season because of the joys and hope it would bring. It brings us a new hope and opportunity. A new opportunity to start things all over again. A new chance to actually achieve our goals and milestones in life. A new light and opportunity to create more wonderful memories with our with our family and friends to make our life more memorable and worth living.

But to some of us, they dreaded the coming of New Year since it’s a new chapter of agony, suffering, negativity, and false hopes. Some were anxious to end up in another horrendous cycle again. They are afraid of passing another year without doing anything to achieve their dreams.

How do we encourage these people to have a positive mindset this New Year? Here are our top 5 ways to stay positive this New Year!

1. Don’t Start With Zero Listing


Starting out your New Year’s resolution list with a blank paper can be overwhelming. Don’t start listing with a blank page. This will only get you depressed. Instead, start with listing all the accomplishment you’d made from last year. Listing them will only inspire you to write your goals for the next year. Your heart will be filled with positivity and enthusiasm as you start listing out your goals and milestones for this year. In fact, you can even start listing with the goals you’re unable to achieve last year. You can continue in accomplishing or finishing those goals for this year.

2. Start your day with a positive quote

Before you drown yourself with tons of urgent emails, hectic meetings, and business appointments, and addressing your customer’s complaints throughout the day, take the time to take a deep breath first. It’s important to face a brand new day with positivity and enthusiasm, and doing your routine work in the office is certainly not a creative way to start your day great. Instead, read a positive note, quote, or any email to lift up your day.

An inspirational quote or even quote from the Bible will help you feed your soul with optimism and hope. This positive start will help you get throughout the day without any feeling stressed, fatigue, or exhaustion coming out the better of you.

3. Use positive language in goal-setting.

If you’re reading up to this, then there’s no doubt you already know the drill. Let the positive energy come in while shunning away the negative ones. But what if your New Year’s resolution is filled with negative language such as “No Smoking” “No Drinking” “No to Alcohol” and the like? Even though the meaning behind those terms are certainly positive, but it still creates and lingers a negative aura around you. How do you dispell the negativity behind it?

The answer to that is through using the positive language. Instead of writing down a New Year’s resolution with negative words, transform it into a positive one. One good example of it is this phrase “Stop eating junk foods”, you can transform it into “Eat healthy snacks”. See the difference? In the latter statement, you’ll be more than inclined to follow your goals than to ditch them because you’re demotivated to do it.

4. Focus on Building Positive Habits

In order to start and stay positive throughout the year, it’s important to not only develop having positive thoughts. But it’s important to develop positive habits as well. If your internal and external environment is completely in sync, it’s easier for you to be positive as you face another year. Developing positive habits will help you keep the positive vibes around you, even if everything else is falling apart.


Some examples of developing positive habits include writing three things you’re grateful for the day, three good things you did to another person, tasks you accomplished, etc, etc. It will give you the motivation to keep going to become more productive until you have finally accomplished your goal.

Staying positive to keep moving as we face another year can be difficult, but with great efforts and consciousness in establishing good habits, we can be optimistic and eventually achieve our goals and dreams someday.

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